Sunday, July 29, 2012

Get it for Free: Clothes for the Whole Family!!

Today's super saver tip is a GREAT one! Buying clothing for a family of seven seems like it would be an expensive task, but by taking advantage of clearance sales, coupons, and rewards I am able to keep our clothes budget to a minimum. My absolute favorite is Old Navy's smartphone app Snap Appy.

Snap Appy works with the camera on your smartphone (or wifi enabled iPod with a camera) to "snap" pictures of Old Navy logos, and then rewards you with coupons and fashion advice. While the fashion advice is appreciated, it is the coupons that make this app a real winner! You can generally get three coupons every week - $5 off a $25 purchase, $15 off a $75 purchase, and the real deal - $5 off of ANY purchase!! That means that you can score $5 worth of free clothes - EVERY WEEK! If you have multiple devices like I do you can score even more! Occasionally Old Navy will also include a $10 off of any purchase coupon, which is even better!

Old Navy generally has awesome clearance and sale prices, so you should be able to find some real steals. This week I was able to use my phone, my husband's phone, and my iPod to score this adult polo, child's polo, and two pairs of toddler pajamas absolutely free!!

Download the app today and get snapping! 

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