Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Free Christmas Tip #2: CrowdTap

In continuing with our theme of having a FREE Christmas, I am going to tell you about another great way to earn Amazon gift cards and freebies!

CrowdTap is an awesome try and tell site. They work with national brands - Old Navy, Woolite, Verizon, and McCormick, to name a few - and provide you with discussion opportunities and product try and tells in exchange for freebies and points that earn you Amazon gift cards! They regularly launch new discussions and home party opportunities, and I am usually able to earn at least $10 in Amazon gift cards per month in addition to the great products that they send and allow me to keep.

I have been a member of CrowdTap since it was in the early days of its beta form, and over the past few years I have received hundreds of dollars worth of free merchandise and Amazon gift cards. With the Old Navy try and tells I received free jeans, shorts, dresses, outerwear, complete outfits - literally an entire wardrobe for FREE!!! This one is definitely worth the time and effort!

When you first sign up it is important to complete the available "quickhits" (short, one question surveys on the main page) so that the site can offer you discussions and product trials that you are qualified for.

Give CrowdTap a try today!!

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